a . oosterhoff design

a . oosterhoff design

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Finally, I’ve decided to set up a website!!

October 24, 2012

So I must be a little slow here… it seems that everyone has a website or a blog and they aren’t even professionals. Oops, I guess I just underrated my gifts and talents that I was blessed with and have finally decided to put them to good use!

Since we are BOTH new here, let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is A., thats all, just A. Only to keep things simple. I live on a farm, but that doesn’t mean I’m behind when it comes to technology 😉 I have 2 brothers and a sister, a wonderful boyfriend plus 3 dogs and a cat! Things are quite a zoo here sometimes. But no joke I have the best family who have inspired me to use my talents and abilities to their maximum capacity. That is why I am here. To serve you!

I am a free-lance graphic designer who loves her job too much to make it an official job. I would rather ‘hobby shop’ it and use it as a second income so I can maintain my love for it. I am also an ASPIRING photographer trying to slowly build a portfolio. I say aspiring, because I very much disagree with this notion that as soon as you have a nice camera or can take a pretty picture that you can call yourself a photographer, but that is a topic I will more than likely be delving in later on.

I will be posting new designs, latest jobs, and some inspirations I come across in numerous hours on my lovely Lynal (I had to name my laptop since I spend so much time with it). I want to share my love of graphic design with you guys and hopefully you feel the same way about sharing my designs with your friends!

Well, happy dreams everyone.

Its getting kind of late *cough* early

Until next post,



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